Realistically, there just aren’t enough jackpots to go round. With odds of millions to one against hitting the big jackpot, it would make no difference to your chances of winning if you camped out in Las Vegas for months on end, and played day and night with a huge bankroll. You could still end up with nothing.

Anyway, it’s all relative, a question of degree. Hitting the jackpot can also mean getting a smaller win with a similarly huge amount of luck. It can be just as satisfying. Everyone has his or her favorite gambling story. I know two or three where the winners didn’t win a Megabucks jackpot or the lottery but they still came out on top with a good win. Take John, an old gambling pal. One day I met him in the street, rushing to the bookies for a bet. He was out of breath but managed to say: “I’m having a $ 1,500 bet on a two-horse race. If this f****** horse doesn’t win, I’m gonna quit gambling for good!” You know what, the horse lost.

Years later, when he made some money, he put $ 30,000 on a nag to win at odds of 9/2. This time the horse won by a short head, and John collected $ 135,000, plus the stake. That’s as good as winning the jackpot for most gamblers, or at least it should be. Chasing the rainbow can end up mighty expensive otherwise.

Or take Robert and his particular story. This guy told me: “I was driving to the bank to draw my last $ 15 and then I planned to bet on a race or two. You can imagine I felt busted, just driving to the bank to get out my last $ 15 in the world. I started to break out in a cold sweat. I felt like a real loser. I knew it was crazy. Ten minutes later, I lost $ 5 on the first bet. Then I won some. The smoke in that joint made my head swim and my eyes water. An hour later, I was back down to a few dollars.

Then I wrote out some names for a five-horse accumulator win bet, placed the bet and walked out.”
Robert told me he didn’t bother to check the results until the next day. “I hit the jackpot!” he screamed at me. “When I read the papers, I went mad. You know what, that crazy little bet came up. I got $ 5,000 in cash!”

Robert’s win was as good to him as the other guy’s. If anything, it meant more to him as he had gambled his last few dollars, and it was far harder to get five winners than just one.
On the Internet, jackpots are rising steadily. Some lucky winners have collected over $ 250,000 in single jackpot wins.
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