So you’ve been to Las Vegas and seen some of the excitement. You walked down The Strip marveling at the giant casinos, the myriad lights to temptation and vice. You can still hear the buzz in your ears from the noise of the slot machines. You paid the bill and went home.

Was it like heaven on earth to be let loose in Sin City with cash in your pocket, all those tables so inviting to thousands of players? How much did you lose? Maybe you were lucky and left with a profit.
What now? This year you’re not planning to visit Vegas again, the budget is tighter, people are no longer so keen to travel. You have your memories but there’s no way to return just yet.
How can you rekindle the lush excitement, the thrill of those days when the Nevada sun outside was so hot you could wear a T-shirt but at night so cold in the desert that the warmest place to be was in the third base hot seat playing blackjack until dawn?

Exactly the same games can now be played online, and the best available are those developed by world famous Las Vegas Casino. The entrance to this casino looks inviting too, and it’s much nearer home.
You can play these games instantly after one easy download of the FREE software. You don’t have to commit to real money stakes to begin with; you can play for fun and get the hang of things first. In play for fun mode, players begin with a $ 500 credit.
Games include all the casino classics such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Paigow Poker, Roulette, Slot Machine, and Video Poker), with more games to be added later in the year.
Try a game of blackjack to see the superb graphics. Blackjack fans are made to feel at home instantly by a sultry female voice-over: “Welcome to the table!” You can even hear the clink of the chips as you place your bets.
You get the full range of play options, such as Surrender, Double, Split, Stand, and Hit. You can opt for Insurance if the dealer has an Ace but you won’t take it if you know something about basic strategy.
You can also choose multi-player mode so you can play with friends anywhere in the world.
Not only will you find the best games, you’ll also find friendly and helpful support, guaranteed game fairness, and the best odds, so you have a clear chance of winning.
If you are a winning player, you can collect your winnings fast, in as little as 24 hours or less. That’s just how long it takes to process the amount due to you, thanks to the latest technology and Internet banking.
Players’ deposits are always held in cash by the company’s U.S. finance company, ensuring that 100% of all players’ funds are available for immediate withdrawal. Their 24-hour Internet bank transfers funds swiftly, with complete security.

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